For Those Who Built It

What are you greatful for

Aside from absence

What are you hoping for

Aside from another day

How can we still count time

When we know time doesn’t count

When we know time doesn’t pass

For those who were left behind

I see the light in her eyes

But can’t feel warmth in her touch

I see the smoke

From underneath the earth

How much have we killed

How much have we allowed to pass

How long are we supposed to say

It’s better to look on the bright side

When we know how that flame is made

They stole our homes and our past

They stole our future and we have

Nowhere to go

Nowhere to fight for

And when the glow intoxicates the air

Until all the stars are covered by smoke

Who will welcome the new year

Who will dare to still have hope

On those who can’t even see

What this world can mean to us

What this world still means to us

When they cover themselves in white

As we wash our aprons and they dine

Do you think they’ll remember

Who cooked their dinner tonight?

When they cover themselves in white

And thank god for supper and wine

Will they know where it really comes from

Who allows them to feast in the first place?

When they read their gratitude list

While we count coins and take the bus home

Hoping only we will get somewhere soon

As they take another bite and talk

About all the beaches not worth seeing

And the restaurants not worth visiting

And we’ll be thankful for

We’ll be thankful

Because what else

Would the world allow

For those who built it

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