the least apt

Jan 2, 2021

1 min read

A new one

So it’s the new year

And what have we done

And how did we spent

The time that we stole

We thought we had time

We thought we were one

But it was all lies

We printed in vain

They asked us to fight

They asked us to risk

Our health and our lives

For the lifestyle they’d miss

We marched on in silence

Staring at the floor

Tired steps of those

Who could speak no more

And before we could sleep

We’d look out to see

Their travels and trips

The world at their feet

So it’s the new year

And what have we done

How much did it cost

The time time that we earned

We thought it was time

To unite as one

We gave it a chance

They proved we were wrong

We spent summer nights

With our windows closed

As they spread on the beach

And threw parties in their homes

We spent winter days

Longing to be safe and warm

And they spent all our money

On more pollution and war

We spent all our energy

Moving this silent world

And for our silence and work

They couldn’t give us a word

We’re part of the streets

But can’t call it home

We walked between buildings

That belong to no one

But it’s the new year

A new dawn will come

We can make it ours

If we really want it

We can show them where they belong